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Out Of Sight Audio Mark 1

Out Of Sight Audio Mark 1
Price: 249

Connect directly to 2 speakers
Operates on 6v- 24v dc
Positive or Negative Earth

Specification of the Out Of Sight Audio Mark 1

The Out of Sight Audio system can be used with most 6v to 24v vehicles to provide a discrete Bluetooth audio player. Once installed, no access to the module is needed meaning that it can be hidden away out of sight. Our system is perfect if you don't already have a radio installed or if you want to retain the existing radio - you can keep the standard look of your interior but have access to the playlist on your Bluetooth enabled device and any Digital radio apps you have installed.

The module is controlled by any Bluetooth enabled smartphone, MP3 player or tablet and, once connected, will automatically connect when you're within range of the vehicle.

The Out of Sight Audio Mark 1 module is ideal if you have 2 speakers. Check the wiring diagram under the Installation Guide tab to check how these connect.

Technical Specification

  • 6v - 24v DC required power
  • Bluetooth radio receiver
  • 2 Channel Stereo Output (2 X 75 watts)
  • 4 - 8 Ohm impedance
  • 2 channel switched input
  • For use with positive or negative earth systems
  • See Mark 1 Schematics for specific applications
  • Dimensions : 5.55" x 3.8" x 1.25" (13 oz)
  • No Radio required for operation

Please note that speakers, radio and wiring are not supplied.

Out of Sight Audio with Existing Radio

In this video we show you how the Out Of Sight Audio device is paired to your phone or tablet and how this then works with your existing radio.

The video shows the Mark 1 but the other products in the series work in exactly the same way.

Out of Sight Audio with No Radio

In this video we show you how the Out Of Sight Audio device works when you don't have an existing radio.

The video shows the Mark 1 but the other products in the series work in exactly the same way.

Out of Sight Audio with Non-Working Radio

In this video we show you how the Out Of Sight Audio device works with a non functioning radio. The benefit here is that you can keep the standard look.

The video shows the Mark 1 but the other products in the series work in exactly the same way.

Do you have a question about the Out Of Sight Audio Mark 1?

If you can't find the answer that you're looking for below then please click here and ask us a question. If we're online we'll give you an answer immediately, otherwise we'll try our best to respond on the same working day.

Do you have a question? Maybe the answer is listed below....
Q: My phone paired OK but when I start streaming audio the music starts and then stops.
A: There is a setting on the Android operating system that needs to be changed. Go to the settings button for the device on the Bluetooth pairing screen. Change the device settings from phone audio to media audio. Turn off the Bluetooth and then turn back on & re-pair to the device.

Q: I installed my secret audio unit and it is cutting out at half volume.
A: It is likely that the speakers you are utilizing have a resistance of less than 4 Ohms. Unfortunately 4 Ohms is the least resistance the Mark series units can handle. (Typical car audio speakers are 4 ohms.)

Q: I was wondering on the Mark 3, what is the distance the unit can be from my cell phone? Trying to see if I put it in the boot of my car, if the drivers seat is too far to reach or am I better off hiding the unit somewhere close, like under a seat.
A: The range of the Bluetooth receiver is over 20' if unobstructed. If the phone is in your pocket and the signal has to go through a few seats and a metal divider to the boot the range will decrease. We have talked with several customers that installed these in the boot and under the rear package tray with success. Typically you should be able to mount it in the boot without issue, but that being said every car and installation is different.

Q: Would I have to pair the Mark unit with my iPhone every single time I start up my car?
A: No, after the first time the unit is paired it will auto pair once its powered up. Then once you are streaming audio it will switch the existing radio off (if applicable) and play the BT signal.

Q: Can your product be used with a Bluetooth microphone, so I can both play music and use my phone hands-free?
A: Sorry but at this time the products do not offer hands free phone operation, but it is something that we are working on but will not be available for over a year. Also one thing that has to be considered is that older vehicles are typically loud inside and pick up a lot of road noise. Hands free phone use is not as practical in these vehicles as newer automobiles.

Q: In your video section you state that the MK1 and MK2 will work with Bluetooth and not need a radio at all. Does the MK3 have that capability as well?
A: Yes all 3 products do not require a radio. The video was shot prior to the Mark 3 being available.

Q: I do not have a smart phone and do not want one. What do you recommend for controlling it and keeping the cost reasonable?
A: There are a number of Mp3 players on the market that include a Bluetooth out signal. Any of these will work fine to connect with any of the Mark series units.

Q: I have a 49 Dodge with positive ground 6volt system. Any special instructions?
A: No special instructions just hook the red power wire to the chassis and the black ground to a switched line from the ignition.

Q: If I install a Mark 2, my question is which device will play when? Does it automatically play the stock radio when it is turned on and override the Bluetooth input? Just trying to make sure I understand how this works.
A: The existing radio will play until you are paired to the Mark 2 and streaming audio. At that point the Mark 2 takes over. If you would like to go back to the existing radio simply un-pair from the Mark 2.

Q: Can you tell me if this product can receive am and fm?
A: The unit does not have a Fm am receiver built in. It will only play what is being streamed to it via Bluetooth. One option is to buy a Mp3 player with Bluetooth and a Fm receiver built in.

Q: Can an iPod Classic be used with your device, through an adaptor?
A: Sorry but the only way to communicate to the devices is through Bluetooth. If your iPod classic is less than 2 years old it probably does have Bluetooth built in. If not it will require an upgrade to a newer device.

Q: Can I use an adaptor cable to connect the headphone output of my iPod to the RCA input on your Model 3?
A: Sorry that will not work. The RCA inputs are for passing through a pre-amp signal from a already existing radio and would only pass through an un-amplified signal to the RCA outputs.

Q. What make and models does Out of Sight Audio work with?
A. Our hidden audio radio systems work with 1920 - 1990 models including Ford, Chevy, Cheverolet, Mercury, Dodge, Plymouth, Chrysler, General Motors, GM, Cadillac, Buick, GMC, Tesla, Oldsmobile, Lincoln, Edsil, Studebaker, Duesenburg, Auburn, Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Turner, Sunbeam, Austin Healey, Austin, Morris Minor, Triumph, MG, Amc, Rolls Royce, Citroen, and Jaguar.

Q. With the Mark 3, can you just connect to the Amp and not bother with the 4 direct connections?
A. Yes you can connect the RCA outputs directly to a amp and not utilize any or some of the built in channels.

Q. Will an Amp support multiple speakers from the single input from the Mark 3? So, for example, could you connect the 4 x speakers directly and then have a further 4 x speakers via the Amp. Or, could you have say 6 speakers just off an Amp?
A. Yes after connecting the RCA's to a external amp you can run as many channels as the amp supports. Normally 6 channels is about as big as they come. So you could run the 4 built in channels and up to possible 6 channels off the external amp or any combination.

Installation GuidePlease contact us for further details.